Is It Time To Dig Up That Buried Dream?


At some point in our lives all of us had high hopes of something very different than what life presented us with, a story we wrote but tucked away when we were very young perhaps. It has no doubt popped up once in a while as a prompt to think more about it as we grew up, learned the rules of our families, our peers, of society. We developed successful lives, establishing relationships, getting married, having children, making successful progress at work.

And then one day the buried dream starts to haunt us once more and this time with an insistence we cannot ignore.

In my book, PERMISSION GRANTED: How to Find and Follow a Path to Life True to Your Self, I tell about my own experience which was like that. When that insistent voice of my buried dream began to push into my consciousness in a very real way, I did not talk about it right away. I felt that my job might be at risk if my thoughts became public, and assumed that friends, family, and colleagues would not understand since they all followed the same rules that I had learned.

Because of the unease I felt in my work life, and my thinking ahead to the expected journey to retirement years, I looked for some help and found a quality of work life counsellor with whom I could discover, in a confidential atmosphere, how I could respond to the insistent voice of that buried dream. That was the beginning of my journey to have the life I desired.

Sound familiar? Where do you go for confidential conversation? It is so very important to be able to have that kind of experience in order to move forward.

As I made progress on my journey I found other forms of support. I went to workshops, read books and articles, and joined groups of women who were also doing their own search.

If you would like to be part of a small group of kindred souls with whom you could share your thoughts and challenges about such a change, let me know. I will create a private and confidential group situation for you and personally support the group as your facilitator. I will also have a conversation with you individually to discuss the possibility of a community like this.

Go to my contact page. Leave me a message.

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