A Playful Consideration of Perhaps a Message Received

One morning just over a week ago, the ocean was like a clear crystal pool. I have never seen it exactly so. It was almost as if it had decided to take a break from its normal commitment to function. Not possible, of course, but my mind reacted, not only in disbelief but with curiosity.  I pondered what these thoughts meant for me in my own functioning life. Recently, thoughts of how to function, how to focus, and how to make progress with my self-imposed goals and commitments, have dominated my spirit and rendered me non-functioning in the normal ways I can usually experience.

 And today, I saw the blue heron, visible later than usual. Did this mean it was demonstrating its realization that the weekend chaos of Semana Santa was over and a new safety on the beach would be possible?

Semana Santa is a big holiday here. Schools are closed for the whole week before Easter weekend. Families take the week as holiday and the hotels and beaches are busy, especially so on the last days Thursday to Easter Sunday.  Here in this beach side community this means more noise and bumper to bumper traffic coming into and leaving the area during that last weekend.

It is also regarded as the start of the spring/summer season. Spirits are high with expectation of new beginnings in keeping with the religious symbolism of Easter.

But, before this week, there was preoccupation with the struggles of life, a calm or levelling, before the storm. Following the week there is new energy, and a new sense of hope.

What is the message for me if I observe the ocean’s stillness, the chaos of the following week, and then the safe behaviour of the heron? Forgive this mental and emotional play which I share with you. I think it is encouragement to accept the need and value of down time, even if it feels uncomfortable and debilitating. It could also support an acceptance of confusing overactive spurts of energy, and then release and renewed hope and focus.

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