The Search For Who We Really Are

who we really are
The search for "Who we really are”. Is this the question, the key question for each of us?

If we can identify the true self we most want to be, the original self we were born to be, are we then going to be our happiest? Sometimes it is called searching for our higher purpose, sometimes it is called the soul's potential that we are meant to fulfill, and sometimes it is called our true calling. It is the theme of my book, PERMISSION GRANTED, a personal memoir with a self-help focus.

Being happy, living a happy life are topics very much in the popular literature these days. One thing is certain; searching for our innermost character is what we should be doing a lot of, if we want to live a life we can love and that will allow us to have the best life experience possible.

When I was growing up a key question often asked of me or of any young person was "What are you going to be when you grow up?" The answer expected was one that named an occupation, such as teacher, doctor, soldier, business man, etc. I do not think anyone expected a child to say “I am going to be the real ME.” For one thing, what child would have known how to explain their real ME at that point in their lives; they were too busy just being that. In that era, up until the age of 5, I believe a child was very much being their real ME while parents, and then teachers, were trying to mold the child to their and society’s expectations. Most parents would not even have any discussion with their offspring about a real ME. Some lucky children had a different environment but that was rare.

For most parents, displayed talents, or lack of them, would provide the clues for the child’s future. Comments such as, “You spend a lot of time trying to convince me that I should let you do what you want to do. Does this mean you are going to be a lawyer, or a salesman, or a politician?” Or, “It’s fun to sing and dance, and draw pictures, but that won’t make any money.”

What if the Child had said, “I am going to be a happy person”? How amusing an answer and yet probably the most intelligent of answers that a child could give. Next question could have been, “Well, what makes you happy now?” Certainly that would have led to a much more meaningful discussion, but those discussions were not the run of the mill.

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  • Yvonne Graham says:

    No one cared or gave a damn who I was growing up. In fact I don’t think they liked me much. So they set out to convert me or mould me into this person they thought I should be. The Joke was on them…..they ended up with a rebellious, confused young person who always felt alone and floundering through life. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been……I finally feel real freedom and acceptance.

    • Susan says:

      That’s so beautiful! Happy for you Yvonne! There is nothing greater than feeling real freedom.

      • Judith. says:

        This feeling of freedom can certainly lift one’s spirit promoting a state of physical well being

    • Judith. says:

      You are so positive about your life that you make everyone around you feel your joy.

  • May-Avis says:

    This one really made me stop and think, Judith. I don’t have a lot of memories from my early childhood… forced amnesia perhaps? 🙂 Older parents and older siblings…. I’m pretty sure I was an Oops! 🙂 I’m going to do the exercise though!

    • Judith. says:

      I would love to hear what the Oops discovers. Thanks for dropping by May=Avis.

  • Hi Judith – I finally located your blog! And yes, I wonder who I’d have wanted to be when I was a child? I still wonder about it now when I’m nearly 60! I know I’m a lot closer to finding the real “Me” since turning 50, and I’m open to each new revelation that comes my way.

    • Judith. says:

      It’s a fun journey of discovery and full of wonder as one sees finally perhaps the soul peeking through. So happy you found my blog. Please visit again

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