A Path Over Stepping Stones

stepping stones
No matter what the learning journey is, it can be perceived as a path you must take over a series of stepping stones.

Your initial steps are bold; you feel the excitement of beginning and a sureness about your decision to go on the journey even though you see that the path crosses over a river of stones.

As you proceed you notice that the stones wobble slightly and the spaces between them are not equal. Your sureness diminishes somewhat and your steps are more tentative. You feel doubtful, anxious, and unbalanced, no longer in your comfort zone. But even though you have to go back a stone to regain your balance sometimes you keep on going, your vision of success still shining brightly in your mind.

And then you finally reach a stone that again feels stable. Your relief encourages you to look back and you realize you have passed the halfway mark. You feel renewed in your sureness of the possibility of success.

Your experience now tells you that even if another stone further on feels unstable, you can persist and complete the journey.

Many times, when embarking on a new learning journey it can be helpful to look back and remember how you persisted once before when obstacles existed, real ones, or those of your own mindset creation.

How did you learn to ride your first bike? You wanted to ride a bike; you had a vision of yourself riding with a smile on your face. You persisted, falling sometimes, maybe even crying over a scraped and bleeding knee, but you kept getting up and trying again. Each time you tried again you felt a little more balanced. You began to know how to correct as you felt a wobble, and then you finally were able to ride the bike with a smile on your face because you knew from experience you could.

Think about another experience in your life as you grew older and you had a desire to learn something new. Did it need to be learned in the same way? First you had a vision of a future self, you began to take learning steps, you felt unsure, not balanced, you persisted, experienced small successful steps, and then you knew you could continue to the big success you wanted to have.

Are you on a learning journey right now in your life? Could it be helpful to imagine it as a Path Over Stepping Stones?

Please share your thoughts if you are or have been. Your reply may help someone else, and also add to my learning.

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  • Hi Judith – I think about children learning to talk – it takes them 2-3 years to go from zero to something comprehensible, so why do I feel like giving up when I try something and am not instantly great at it? When I decided to buy my scooter it was with the full understanding that I’d need to be a beginner and take things slowly – and after a bit of practicing (and a near tumble) I’m loving it. I’m now wondering what the next new thing is that I want to attempt.

    • Judith. says:

      Without a doubt you will keep “attempting” and loving the success. I enjoy reading about the new learning you are always involved in as you “crest your hill”.

  • Thank you Judith. The stone path is a wonderful analogy of learning something new or going down a different path in life. I don’t have a specific story to share right now, but I am nearing retirement and thinking a lot about how I want my life to look then and what steps I need to take to get me there. It will definitely be a learning journey.

    • Judith. says:

      Thanks for dropping by; hope you will be a frequent visitor. Would love to hear about your journey as you move forward.

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