Waiting For a Guide

This morning as I walked to my favourite spot by the ocean I saw a very large cargo ship waiting to enter the port to discharge its load. It waited because it could not enter without the guidance and support from much smaller vessels, which are called “remorcadores” in Spanish, (tug boats in English).

I was reminded of the need we all have for support and guidance of others in order to reach our goals. This is especially true when one is considering making a big change in one’s life, perhaps a life change to realize a buried dream. It seems like an impossible goal to attain. The mental and emotional load of expectations of others, or even of society, can be too heavy for us to carry alone. We need help. We need support and guidance from outside ourselves. That guidance and support can be available to us if we know where to look and find even in the smallest of support systems that exist.

When I first started on my journey to have my dream life, I felt unsure and even afraid to publicly announce my goal. I felt the weight of possible negative feedback if I did so. After all I was successful in my administrative position, making good money, and no doubt had a clear path to a higher and more remunerative level of responsibility. So I took a very small step at first to seek help. I went to consult with a quality of work life counsellor. This I felt would appear as acceptable since it could be seen as a learning experience which would benefit not only me but the people who worked for me.

Another source of guidance was the writing of Charles Handy, a popular business writer at that time, specialising in organisational behaviour and management. He wrote about the future of work life and the idea he advanced of “the portfolio life”. He predicted that workers of the future would not stay in one career until retirement as was the norm at that time. Handy predicted that they would have a variety of talents and activities with a corresponding mobility. They would have a life that was not just about what they did, but a life which would be about who they were. This struck a chord with me. It helped me see that living my dream might just be possible.

Handy’s predictions have certainly turned out to be accurate and now even more so because of the pandemic. The “portfolio worker” is now a familiar entity although the term more used now would perhaps be “digital nomad” and moving to a new environment to live a more nourishing life is a commonly accepted goal.

If you are interested in knowing more about Handy’s work look for this podcast by Jeff Goins and read his summary article 001: What Is the Portfolio Life? [Podcast]

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