The Case to be Made for Having Expectations

When one wakes up to a new day, there is always a choice to be made. One can feel weary and hopeless OR hopeful and positive about what might come that is a happy happening. Why would anyone choose the first option?

Of course, this depends on one’s physical condition. Normally, the second option is more attractive, and expectation for a happy day is the choice.

Everywhere these days on social media I see the popular life hack advice to kick “expectations” out the door and to be more realistic and less dependent on others to meet your needs. A friend once said this to me. “I never expect anything, so I am never disappointed”. I thought, “How wise!” I added that bit of wisdom to my learning backpack.

And in truth it has been useful. Having expectations of others, and indeed of oneself, can be disappointing when not realized. So, Yes, kick those out the door but keep the expectations that are dreams. Dreams can be nourishing. They can be lights of sunshine penetrating a cloud of despair.

How very deary to start each day with no expectations and with only the thought. “It is what it is”. If one can dream, the thought can change to, “It is what it can be”.

I am not advising fantasy. A dream can be a reality to seek. Seeking it must include expectations. Thoughts of experiencing the dream, and how it would feel to be in that space, can nurture, promote, and give energy to pursue the dream. A dream can change as one lives the journey to attain it, and the expectations can change and not disappoint.

I would love to hear your thoughts about expectations. Please leave a comment or if you prefer contact me directly.