Look Up, Look Way, Way Up

Here in a beach community, it is always prudent to watch where you are planting your feet. The road is not a smoothly paved asphalt surface; rather it is a minefield of pot holes, various sizes of stones and rocks, and sometimes a repository of horse and dog droppings. Therefore, to look up, straight ahead, or around you, may be good advice in a city in order to notice any approaching dangerous activity, here it could be one’s downfall, literally.

However, always looking down can mean missing moments of beauty.

This morning, as I walked carefully observing the surface below on which I stepped, I paused to stretch my arms above my head and saw beautiful flowers blooming at the very top of a tall tree. My first thought was “How wonderful that I chose to look up, way, way up right now.” Those blooms might have only existed to be seen for a few days.

The words, “Look up … waaaaay up!” came into my mind with the memory of a children’s show years ago which I watched with my children. The show featured a friendly giant who invited viewers to visit his castle way up at the top of a tall tree. With some funny puppet friends, he played music from all countries and cultures while indulging in gentle and amiable chatter. If you want to know more about the show, here is the link to the Wikipedia site. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Friendly_Giant

Our vision to know and appreciate the wonders of nature can be very limited. Does realizing this perhaps help us to recognize how we limit our vision of all things, ideas, differing societal norms and cultures? Can we learn to look up, way, way up at times of conflict, especially when involved in competitive positioning that causes us to miss beautiful moments of understanding?  Please comment and share your thoughts. For a private conversation click on the Talk With Me button below.