With A Little Help From My Friends

On my beach walk this morning I noticed this tree branch supported by the action of “someone” who decided to give “nature” a little help. The tree branch is extending out to reach the sun bending itself perilously to the breaking point. The “someone” decided to create a support for the branch so it could be successful in its reach to get the sun’s nourishment for the main tree trunk. Even nature sometimes needs a little help. I was prompted to reflect on the value of giving and accepting help versus a perceived need to be independent. I have had to learn that there is a benefit to not only giving help but also to being able to ask for help. My focus on being independent has presented a challenge in this regard.

Research supports this benefit. In this article, giving help and being able to ask for help is an important aspect of healthy self-care.  Asking for help can help make people happier. Here’s why, Sep 21, 2022 “People want to make a difference in other people’s lives and they feel good when they’re able to help others, says social phycologist Xuan Zhao the author. “Asking for help is also important – it enables kindness and unlocks opportunities for positive social connection”, Zhao says.”

Does the separation of physical connection, that is so common in society these days, tend to encourage or restrict positive social connection? In this day and age, physical separation is a fact of life due to possible contagion in events like the pandemic, and the appearances of other viruses.  It now becomes necessary to reach out, virtually, for social connections. Asking for help is now a skill to be learned even on the internet.

if we perceive that asking for help will mean someone will view us as needy, or not well equipped to do a task, or incompetent, we might hesitate”, says this article reviewed  by Gary Drevitch, June 14, 2021  Harness the Power of Asking for Help. How to ask for help at any age.

Do you offer to help without being asked? Do you feel comfortable asking for help for yourself?

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