The Practice of Due Diligence

Recently I heard the words Due Diligence, and to me their sound had a negative aspect. I was telling someone about a personal problem I was dealing with and the steps I was taking in the process of trying to find a resolution or at least how to move forward to one. The response from that person was that they could understand the difficulties involved but could see that I was “doing due diligence”. I realized I did not know what they really meant so of course I went to a dictionary and this is what I found.

Due Diligence is “reasonable care and caution exercised by a person who is buying, selling, giving professional advice, etc., especially as required by law to protect against incurring liability”

Then it made sense to me. The responding person worked in a business environment which had legal concerns. I work in a creative environment so I have a different perspective when I think about what lies ahead to resolve an issue or to simply meet an assumed goal. I think that “luck” is an aspect that has to be considered. So what is “luck”? Is it an event that happens without prompting and has a result which resolves an issue or achieves a goal? Is it not more correct to say that luck is being prepared when opportunity knocks? And although this is essentially the same as practicing due diligence we use different words when we establish goals and a path to reach them. The focus seems to be positive and not negative or punitive.

Do you practice due diligence??  What do these words make you think of??

Would you say you are good at this or not good??? And WHY???


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