The Power of Listening

In the many years I have lived here I have learned to “see” better and not just with my eyes. I have come to understand much more about the power of listening, to others, to ourselves, to what is around us, to what is inside us, or even to silence.

In the photo with this blog you see a sunrise, a time of day best for listening. It is a time of least human noise.

A favourite song of mine about the ocean is an oldie, Listen to the Ocean, by Nina and Frederik.

“Listen to the ocean, echoes of a million seashells.

Forever it’s in motion, moving to a rhythmic and unwritten music

That’s played eternally.”

Years ago, when I identified the elements of an environment that would be most nourishing for me, I knew very surely that being near the ocean was a priority.

Being able to listen to the ocean is not only calming and spirit restoring but it also teaches me. The distant deep rumble of the ocean impresses upon me the magnitude of this world’s water, its depths, and that it is the same water that has moved around and over the world since time began.

And, as I listen, I hear my own thoughts: “How transitory are my small life problems in comparison.  How insignificant I am in the greater scheme of things.” Just that realization frees me from the self-imposed chains of expectations and the limitations that prevent me from living a free life.

This article, TAoN No. 85: “Gifted listeners,” the useful pleasure of a sound diary, and hearing as a creative act by Rob Walker of The Art of Noticing, is well worth the read.  Although focused on listening to music, it takes one further into its relevance to other listening experiences.

There is an art to listening. To listen well is to be empathetic, to respect and understand the words and feelings of others. If we are involved in teaching, facilitation, or counselling we know this well. And we study and practice to be skillful as listeners.

But are we skillful in listening to what is around us? Are we skillful in listening to our own inner thoughts and assumptions that create our mindset?

In silence, there is another voice to be heard, YOURS. What is your inner voice saying? Is it prompting you, once again, to dig up a buried dream?

If so, CLICK ON THE BUTTON below. I would love to listen with you.