Seeking The Invisible

crane tracks2
Crane tracks &
crab hole
a crab hole
It was very early this morning as I walked along the beach. The beach workers, who normally are busy cleaning and raking the areas of sand for which they are responsible, had not yet arrived. The sand was undisturbed by human foot or shoe prints. The big crane which I have seen only a couple of times over the years had left its giant claw tracks as evidence of its presence. The tracks were intertwined with similar but smaller ones. I had assumed that the bird was a shy and solitary creature and for some reason that it was a male. This intertwining gave me pause to think perhaps there was an offspring and that the crane was a female. Or was there a smaller version of the species that was friendly with the large type? Did they have a collaborative relationship or even an interdependent one that ensured survival in some way?

A little further on I saw evidence of a crab having been actively housecleaning as shown by the disturbance of the sand around the hole. I have seen many crabs but only a very few times have I seen them involved in this chore and then only briefly until they are alerted by my shadow and scamper quickly into their hole. And I wonder what makes them so industrious, what does this activity do to ensure the maintenance or safety of their lives?

In another area near the ocean where I go to do my QiGong exercises I have often observed that the teeming life in the undergrowth of vegetation is invisible to my eye until I have begun my routine and in the meditative state it produces, the abundant life becomes visible. There are scampering lizards of all sizes, flying insects, some of them of the stinging variety, and even very tiny birds that are not seen as they fly so quickly past. One day I realized that I was looking through a tiny spider’s web hung between 2 tall pieces of grass; it was so transparent I could only see it because of a fly’s corpse trapped in the net.

Then one morning I saw that someone had carefully placed some white rocks in a perfect line. The next day there was another stone added to the line. Was there a message here? Did it require an answer? Thinking I would give some recognition to the messenger, I added a rock of my own. Alas, it appeared that I had broken the desired invisibility, because there were no more stones added.

This prompted me to think of how we impose invisibility on our own feelings and thoughts, perhaps burying dreams we had wanted to pursue in the past, to be safe from the non-acceptance and criticism of others, even choosing to keep them buried out of an assumption that we are required to meet the expectations of others or the society in which we live rather than our own.

Sometimes those buried dreams keep popping up and becoming visible, and luckily so, because this can give us the push we need to do some deep work to discover what our True Self desires are and then begin to move forward to having them.

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  • What a shame your white stone placer didn’t continue the exchange – it could have led to all sorts of new discoveries. You could even have made a new friend. They missed a wonderful opportunity.

    • Judith. says:

      Yes, I was so disappointed and still wonder what the message was.

  • Laura says:

    So true; you can bury the dreams but they keep popping up!

    • Judith. says:

      Yes and good thing too or we might never have the dreams we deserve

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