Contrasts of The Moments Give Us Understanding

If every moment were just like this, then how would we know to identify it as tranquility?

This was my view one morning recently as I prepared to begin my QiGong exercises. I am blessed with moments like this as part of my life here and grateful to have the time to savour them. Each moment is unique and provides a lovely memory to reflect on in other stressful times.

In my former life I would not have always taken the time to recognize the gift of small special moments. The busyness of life was priority. If I were walking for exercise I might have had headphones on to listen to a work related presentation, or to walk in time with some upbeat music. Small moments of tranquility would have escaped my view. I laughingly call that my predisposition to “overdrive”. I have not completely grown out of this but now I am more aware of the need to shift focus, and in doing so achieve a better understanding of the natural world around me and what it can teach me. 

Understanding comes with recognizing contrast and indeed the value of paradox. A busy moment can feel good because it indicates one is being productive. A tranquil moment can feel good because it is physically restful and emotionally refreshing. Each has its own reward and together can foster well-being.

Often when I sit down to begin work on my computer our smaller dog comes to my side asking to be lifted up.  She settles into my lap and we enjoy the few moments of quiet breathing in rhythm which has for me, I am sure, a lowering of blood pressure and a reminder to approach my work with a calm attitude.

There is recognition for me now that tranquil moments can be planned. Taking time to share lunch with my husband without turning on the TV can be one of those. Another could be setting up a call with a friend or loved one at a distance to have a quiet conversation. And another could be taking a slow walk around the backyard with our older dog who can be restless at times with some dementia he is experiencing.

There would have been a time when I would have been too focused on self-imposed project deadlines. Not now, with the understanding of the value of tranquil moments actually promoting better project results.