A Nourishing Environment

Our environment can make all the difference to the quality of our life. To a greater or lesser extent the environment in which we live can nourish us, help us reach our potential, or do just the opposite.

Right now we are all experiencing a new environment not because we have chosen to do so but because it has been forced upon us. How we are reacting, coping, and functioning in this new environment depends on our individuality. However, one thing is sure, this environment is not nourishing for anyone, because of fear, anxiety, or panic.

I suggest that this is a good time to take a breather, a pause away from what you feel are specific decisions or choices you have to make or act upon immediately, such as what has or will happen to your job, your need to make money, what other forms of work can you train for, or create using your skills and experience.

Give yourself a gift of time when you can relax, and think, even day dream about the elements of an environment that would be best for you. Think of this discovery process as a design activity to create the setting, a backdrop, a canvas on which you can make other more specific decisions for your future.

What is environment as it pertains to our lives? One definition is that it is all the living and non-living things around us. The Oxford dictionary defines environment as “the surroundings and conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates”.

Years ago I was given an “opportunity” to change my environment. It was really a “push” but also a “choice”. I was prepared to choose because for a long time I had been thinking and self-searching about what kind of an environment would be best for me. With the help of a mentor, I had identified elements of an environment most desirable and nourishing for me and one in which I could be most happy. My book tells the story of the discovery process and how I finally gave myself permission to make a life change that would give that best environment.

In this forced environment we are experiencing now, are you thinking about how you would like your life environment to be when a new future normal can be reached? Are you realizing that a work change, a physical place change, even a creative life change might be possible as you may never have thought before?

If this kind of thinking is what you are starting to do now, and you are looking for guidance, the excerpt you can sign up for below will help. Also reach out to me anytime to have a chat with me about choosing a nourishing environment. See my Contact page to send me your email address and we can set it up. I would be grateful to share that conversation with you.

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