My World Has Been Weary Waiting for The Sun to Return

after the rain
For days I have wakened to the sound of down pouring rain, bad news for my exercise routine. My meditative walk has been out of the question, and as a result I have been missing its therapeutic calming effect. But today the sun has come back to cheer the world and me.

The difference can be seen, and heard, and felt everywhere. People on motorcycles are not wearing black tunics which they creatively make out of garbage bags and use as rain gear. The woolly hats which protect from the cold and dampness are nowhere to be seen today. And there is noisy chatter from humans and birds alike. It is the sound of happiness and gratitude for the sun which has returned.

I feel refreshed and energetic as I make my way down to the ocean’s shore. The sky is clear blue, the clouds on the horizon appear in neat, tidy rows like fluffy cotton. The ocean’s waves are strong but not threatening. The peace and calm I have been missing returns.

Truthfully, we have needed the rain; there were months of drought previously. The results of the rain are everywhere to be seen. The new growth is immediate, a phenomenon I see in the Caribbean. It is a reminder that the world is able to refresh itself if we only get out of the way for it to do its own restoration work.

On my way up the hill to my home, I hear the loud concert-like song of the bird called Ruin Senor. I am told by the people here that he performs only at the beginning and at the end of the day in celebration of life. What a lovely thought, a song to open one’s heart to the joys of the day and another to remind us at the end of the day that life has been good.

How does the weather in your part of the world affect your mood and perspective? Please share your thoughts in a reply.

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  • Angie says:

    Great read today, Judith, as snow arrived… and ruined my plans. 🙂 I’m ok with the rain although I don’t like being cold – hence my disapproval of the current conditions. As west coasters we are renown for messaging our eastern family and friends in February with our latest flower counts or to complain about mowing the lawn. Today must be payback.
    Glad your sun came back to return your ‘normal’. I couldn’t find anything about your bird; I was looking forward to hearing its song.

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