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Sometimes A Most Perfect Thing Is Only Seen By Accident

The rushing, the stress, the busy-ness of our modern lives cheats us of the most significant awareness of our surroundings, our relationships.

Is It Time To Dig Up That Buried Dream?

At some point in our lives all of us had high hopes of something very different than what life presented us with, a story we wrote but tucked away when we were very young perhaps. And then one day the buried dream starts to haunt us once more and this time with an insistence we cannot ignore.

A Slightly Different Twist to The Practice of Gratitude

A familiar topic these days is the practice of gratitude. Feeling thankful for people and events in our lives and giving voice to those feelings can enhance our well-being. If we look around us there may be surprising benefits to expressing gratitude for inanimate objects.

The Almonds Are Falling

The Almond Lady is one of workers engaged in what I call "naturally occurring work". Her work supports a family. She demonstrates the strength of the common people here and their creative skills to make work for themselves through marginal but honest activities.

Being Open At Just The Right Time

This little shell, just open for this moment, is a message to listen to new ways of thinking, to new ways of righting injustice, to new ideas of providing the right support for humanity, the support that is needed right now.

A Nourishing Environment

Having a nourishing environment can make all the difference to quality of life. In this new forced environment we are experiencing right now, are you thinking about how you would like your environment to be when a new normal environment will be possible?

In the Midst of Change What is NOT Changing?

As I approach the ocean shore thinking how fortunate I am to be able so quickly to come to a place that is peacefully not changing. The ocean is here as it was yesterday and where it will be tomorrow. My anxiety lessens. As I look around I see the little bird who is always here. He was here yesterday and will be here tomorrow. My mood lifts; I start to breathe more deeply. My feeling of safety kicks in. What I see around me is familiar.

The Power of ONE

All over the world there are individuals performing small acts to help save the environment. They do not make the headlines but they have more impact than we know.

The Joy of Just “Being”

I sat on the railing and watched him make the coffee. The sun was shining, I relaxed and forgot about the urgency of the work I had left. I thought, “If I were in the cold north right now, I would be tapping my fingers in impatience, not even looking at the server and I would be missing the connection with another human being”.

Missed Moments

Does your talent have flowering moments that you choose to miss or feel you must save for another day? Do you have brief moments when you feel the desire to give voice to, to write about, to sketch about, or even to live in a new way, place, or daily routine? Perhaps it’s time to give it an audience?