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Barriers Can Be Opportunities

When it seems your path is blocked, is it time to give up or change direction?

Contrasts of The Moments Give Us Understanding

If every moment were just like this, then how would we know to identify it as tranquility?

Seeking The Invisible

Seeing with the eyes can, at best, give only a glimpse of life happening all around us. Invisibility in nature provides protection for living and nonliving things. Do we humans choose invisibility at times, perhaps burying dreams we had wanted to pursue in the past? Are we self-protecting or self-limiting when we do ?

A Path Over Stepping Stones

The value of previous experience and the moment you finally reach a stable stone.

The Search For Who We Really Are

"Who are we really?” Is this the question, the key question for each of us?

It’s All About Connecting the Dots. But Where are the Dots?

Has the experience of the pandemic helped you to identify a strong need for connection? What and where are the dots you can see to connect in your life?

Competition for Resources – Maintaining a Sense of Humour

As I struggled with the ant invasion I also struggled with my values about interdependence, ecosystem maintenance, and my right to kill while defending myself.

Changing Our Position Can Change Our Perspective

How we “see” things can limit our vision of our path forward. Sometimes even changing position physically can change perspective.

Nature Knows to Clean Enough Space to Let in the New

The beach today is clean and the ocean smooth as glass. The ocean is offering up its stillness in readiness for the new waves and the tide that will return.

My World Has Been Weary Waiting for The Sun to Return

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For days I have wakened to the sound of down pouring rain, bad news for my exercise routine. My meditative walk has been out of the question, and as a result I have been missing its therapeutic calming effect. But today the sun has come back to cheer the world and me.