Being Open At Just The Right Time

As I walk along the shore this morning, I am alone; no one else is in sight. The beach is off limits due to the Covid-19 regulations restricting human movement in the beach areas. There is no music coming from the closed restaurants and chair rental sites. I realize I am hearing the orchestra of the ocean sounds with greater clarity than before.

The ocean’s harmony prevails; the deep rumble outside the reef, the sound of the waves surmounting the reef and then gathering strength to make their way to the shore, and the soft splattering of the waves as they settle into the sand upon arrival at the shore.

I look down and see a shell obviously just arrived since its bivalve form is still intact. If I had not looked down just now, I would have missed this perfect moment in the shell’s journey and mine. To me it seems a symbol and perhaps a message. It is telling me to be open, to really listen to the sound of the world’s pain, to new thoughts even if only for a moment at a time of great discord such as we are experiencing globally with the protests against racism.

If we do not hear, this time, the cries of injustice, the pleas for understanding which are the fundamental significance of the global protests, perhaps we will finally lose the opportunity to ensure the world’s survival.

How and if we listen, will decide the future of our world. Now is the time to be open to listening to the voices that are being raised globally during the crisis of the pandemic. It is time to listen to the voices of others who are suffering, to others who have the expertise we need to make social changes, to others who are speaking of new solutions.

This little shell, just open for this moment, is a message to listen to new ways of thinking, to new ways of righting injustice, to new ideas of providing the right support for humanity, the support that is needed right now.

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  • Lin White says:

    Beautiful, Judith, very soothing images conveyed with the same cadence as those waves were hitting the beach — and will continue to roll in until the world ends.

    • Judith says:

      Thanks Lin Your comments are always so poetic and I feel blessed by our connection.

  • Susan says:

    That’s so important, being still enough to see that there is an opening. That the opening is often a source of spiritual guidance being made available to you. Beautiful.

    • Judith says:

      Thanks Susan Let’s hope that the guidance offered is heard and acted upon.

  • Felicia says:

    I love the way that you eloquently segued from timing – being open and receptive to experiences and interactions with others…be it another human, or a shell – to the current time that concerns all of humanity. I enjoyed your journey from the personal to the global, and back to the personal. May we all be observant to not miss those personal and significant moments…and also have the compassion and courage to step up in support of those who are suffering. The time for true change has come.

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