A Gift Today

A Gift
A beautiful panorama of ocean and sky greets my eyes; the sea is like glass. In the distance I see the signs of perhaps some rain coming. I see a fisherman, an older man, fishing in the traditional way with a net he throws. It is quite beautiful to watch; the movements are like a ballet. He stands and waits, the stillness of his erect posture as he watches with such quiet focus.

He is waiting for just the right time I guess, but what tells him when it is the right time? Does he watch for shadows in the water? Does he watch for the movements of the birds flying over the water? What tells him that the fish are there?

He throws the net, not very far from where he is standing. And he quickly pulls it in and then goes back a bit on the shore to examine the contents. Then I see him come swiftly to a place in front of me and he has another fishing line coiled up and he throws it a long distance into the sea. He hurries to find a long pole which he stands up at the water’s edge and he winds that line around it. I do not know what exactly he is doing but I assume that he caught a very small fish, when he threw the net, which he has tied to the long fishing line to act as bait in the distance. Does this mean he may catch a much larger fish this way if he is lucky?

He sees me suddenly and I wave and he waves back. He calls Buenos Dias and I call back Buena Suerte. This morning moment is precious.

After all the years I have lived here. I am still enchanted with how I can see the simple things in life. Making the decision to leave the cold north and its frantic pace of life has given me a peaceful knowing of my own purpose in life. I have developed skills I did not have in that former environment, the skills of patience, noticing, and understanding of nature’s lessons. Environment is so important in facilitating the realization of dreams. Of course, not everyone wants to run away to an island. For others perhaps a forest, a snow covered mountain, an inland lake, or even a busy urban site is the choice for living the dream. The identification of the desired environment is an important part of making a creative life change.

What is your dream scene? Please share your thoughts.

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  • Angie says:

    What a lovely scene to witness, Judith. I agree that to learn to notice and then to appreciate a simpler environment is enchanting.
    I have often thought about my “desired” environment, even more so since I started reading your blog. Thank you for that.

    • Judith. says:

      Thanks for your visit Angie. Please come and join me in person for this morning walk.

  • Di says:

    Sitting quietly watching big snow flakes land on the balcony floor, their soundless impact gives me strength to ponder and write.

    • Judith. says:

      A lovely gift of “quiet” allowing the hearing of inner thoughts

  • Yvonne Graham says:

    Yes, I love watching the fishermen early in the morning bringing in their nets…so quiet and peaceful as they work away. Your question takes me back to lakes in the north. The early morning mist rising off the water, not a ripple to be seen, as we glide the Sushanna Foo into the water for an early morning practice…….our dragon boat crew waiting for the drummer to start and set our pace. Ever watchful are we paddlers, the early morning creatures are out too. The loons are calling to us, the mother doe and her 3 fawns are at the shoreline watching us as they take their morning drink. Yes, these are definitely my dream scenes!

    • Judith. says:

      Love your dream scene. As you express it I can actually feel the mist and hear the quiet.

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